We Are 3W

3W (member of Feedback Group of Organizations) is an online solution provider firm based near "Sioufi Garden" in Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon offering a customized online solution tailored to your needs. 3W team is a mixture of specialists with talents stretching across the disciplines of design, development, user experience, software engineering, information architecture, planning and project management. Every team member of 3W shares a passion for the highest standards of quality and the combined team skills enables 3W to be responsive and agile around the clock with every project. 3W philosophy is based on a culture of fresh thinking and passion for innovation combined with a continuous effort for improvement that generates high quality work results. 3W aims to succeed in working for clients who demand excellence, understand the value of work, and are genuinely passionate about their projects. 3W is proud to be able to offer such clients, a big agency talents without the big agency overhead. For those out there who are interested in 3W; Likewise, 3W is interested in you and would like to hear from you!

Our Concept

Since 2001, we have been climbing up the hills of the advertising and marketing industry. Feedback is proud to introduce its newly founded division: "3W". Specialized in communication, branding and concept creation Feedback gave this new comer a good deal of time, research and creativity. The name emerged from the famous of marketing: Who? What? Why? When? Where? ; the strategic planning foundations that translates into a successful business. In our case 3W is the digital online solution provider that renders the business of the "when" and "where" obsolete; The "Where" could no more be restrained to a specific geographical scope. When you are online you are literally everywhere! And the "When" becomes irrelevant, when we say "online", it is a 24/7, all time running, none stop process! Following this analysis we were left with three W characters to consider. And that was a revelation to our creative team! Who simply called this division: 3W!

Why Choose Us

Reliable Hardware

Unlimited Domain

Technical Experts

24/7 Customer Care

Recognized Quality

Great Prices

Our Services

Web services

Web design & development

We design and develop fresh, modern and engaging websites built to the latest web standards. With all of our projects. we develop optimized and cross-browser compatible websites. Using the latest technologies and techniques, we deliver a product that is built correctly from the ground up.


Web hosting

Our main priority for every website once it is built is to keep it Online and available for your customers to view. All our website are hosted on servers that are updated with all the latest security patches and stable software versions to maintain a guaranteed 99% uptime throughout the year.


Content management systems

With our CMS solutions, simpIe-to-use tools and minimal training you can easily manage and adapt your site and its content whenever required. You don’t need any technical knowledge. Articles and pages can simply be typed. or cut and pasted along with images and video.



Looking to start an online business? We offer custom made solutions that avoid the template look of most e-commerce systems. Our systems offer full product control including advanced reporting and user management, giving you the tools to control your business and help it grow.


Online marketing

Marketing on the web needs to complement your communication strategy and integrate with your business objectives. We can help you do this quickly, cost effectively and provide you with loads of new ideas in:

  • Integrated Marketing Strategy.
  • Social Media Integration and Implementation.
  • Email Marketing Strategies.
  • Content Strategies and Production.
  • Campaign Planning and Management.

Social Media

Social media has steadily become a relevant place for marketing.

Platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vimeo, Flickr, Google Plus??provide access to a wide network of users and are an effective mean of branding, communication, sales, customer service and client satisfaction.

1- Account setup

Social media account setup services help you put your brand in front of your target market through key social media sites. 3W helps your business establish branded accounts and develop the image you desire. By taking advantage of our social media account setup services, all of your communities can be seamlessly linked together, and integrated into your website. In addition to that, 3W will assist you in determining what communities are right for your business and help you set them up

Content management/ maintenance

3W social media experts can manage your online communities to take the weight off of your shoulders! With several options to choose from, you are sure to find a maintenance package that fits your budget and marketing goals.

Social media maintenance helps you:

  • Grow your online community by targeting and earning new members.
  • Maintain a positive reputation and customer satisfaction.
  • Make your presence more dynamic through the addition of photos, videos and other new media.
  • Review monthly reports on community activity, website activity and new members.

Creating and using social media can be tricky and overwhelming. 3W offers individuals and groups to chance to learn how to connect and manage social media using the latest techniques. 3W will teach you how to identify the best social media for your brand, get setup and keep it running successfully. You can learn social media techniques, tricks, posting strategies and more??/p>


One of the best ways to stay relevant with your online community is to blog. Blogging regularly and consistently conveys valuable and authentic information and helps build a relationship with your target audience. Our Blogging Services Include: ??Blog Setup / RSS Feed / Identity Design / Commenting Options / Authoring and Posting / Social Media Share Features

Mobile Applications

3W designs and develops for most mobile platforms, including the Apple iOS, Android and Windows mobile. We focus on putting your brand into the hands of your audience. Our mobile application development process includes not only application design and development but also application performance. Our key strength is optimized code development; Using limited memory & resources we seek to improve the application performance on users devices.
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We are always looking for new, exciting, passionate people to join our team as full-timers, part-timers or even freelancers. At 3W you will join a team who are passionate about their work and have a flare for seeing a job from the concept, through to completion, with energy and enthusiasm! If you have a keen eye for detail and the ability to work as part of a fast paced team, 3W wants to hear from you!

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Drop us a line or simply contact us on the below address. 3W wants to hear from you!

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Ashrafieh, Sioufi str, Beirut, Lebanon 961 1 423 623 | Fax: ext. 116 info@3w.com.lb 3w.com.lb